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Weight loss has been one of the interesting areas in dieting, it has two sharp extremes, (i.e over- weight loss and under-weight loss) if not properly understood it might lead to various disorders. Many have benefited while some are still debating within themselves on what to eat and when to eat to achieve a balance weight loss.
How can one achieve this goal of balanced weight loss without harming or disrupting normal body functions is a matter of great interest.
This write up does not in any way provide a quick fix system rather to raise your awareness level.
Below is a list of some key factors that should be noted before embarking on the quest for weight loss.
You can walk into any recognized medical center and find out for yourself ;
1. Your heart beat rate
2. Your blood pressure
3. Your pulse rate
4. Body mass index(BMI)
5. The normal body weight with respect to the age of the individual.
6. Cholesterol level.
7. Blood sugar level.

In the next article, I will elucidate on the above factors and how it related to weight loss.


Author: Agba Joseph

I am Agba Joseph, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cross River University Of Technology (CRUTECH). I am unassuming and enthusiastic about Health science as it borders on Clinical Nutrition. It is my sole desire that proper Nutrition will be used as a key tool in addressing and preventing malnutrition and other Metabolic dysfunctions.

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