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Daily Health Tips: Skimmed Vs Full Cream Milk

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As a follow up to the post of yesterday, I’ll make some comments and I’ll take on some on the questions raised.

Full cream milk is advised for children from 1 year when they can start taking regular milk till 2 years. The fat in the full cream milk is needed for proper brain development.  After the child turns 2 years,  please switch to skimmed milk or 1 or 2% milk if you can get that. Thus, from age 2, people should be getting skimmed milk at the recommended portions we noted yesterday.

Should people with gastritis get full cream milk? Well, skimmed milk is better. Full cream milk stimulates more acid production in the stomach, making a bad matter worse.

What if one cannot tolerate milk? I suppose you’re referring to lactose intolerance. This can very well happen and in some people, e means that they cannot enjoy dairy…

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Author: Agba Joseph

I am Agba Joseph, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cross River University Of Technology (CRUTECH). I am unassuming and enthusiastic about Health science as it borders on Clinical Nutrition. It is my sole desire that proper Nutrition will be used as a key tool in addressing and preventing malnutrition and other Metabolic dysfunctions.

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