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Symptoms of Food Allergies

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Symptoms of food allergies may range from mild to severe and they may come on suddenly or develop over several hours.

Because a person’s immune system may react to a very small amount of the allergen, food allergies are particularly dangerous and potentially life threatening, especially if breathing is affected.

Because of this, people with asthma are at an increased risk for a fatal allergic reaction to food.

Mild symptoms related to a food allergy may

stuffy or runny nose
itchy, watery eyes
stomach cramps

Severe symptoms of an allergic reaction to food
difficulty breathing, including wheezing
swelling of the lips, tongue or throat
hives (an itchy, blotchy and raised rash)
dizziness or faintness
nausea or vomiting

If you discover these symptoms it is advisable that such food(s) be avoided.
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Author: Agba Joseph

I am Agba Joseph, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cross River University Of Technology (CRUTECH). I am unassuming and enthusiastic about Health science as it borders on Clinical Nutrition. It is my sole desire that proper Nutrition will be used as a key tool in addressing and preventing malnutrition and other Metabolic dysfunctions.

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