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Daily Health Tips: How Do I Lose My Tummy Bulge After Having A C Section…Girdle vs Healthy Lifestyle.

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Q: God bless you doc, even generations to come honour you already. Please, I hope you answer this because I’ve sent one you’ve not answered. I’ve had two caesarian sections now. And my tummy is very big because we were advised against tummy heating. Now I ask will it ever come down or what could I do? My first CS was 2010 and the other was April this year. And how early could I use “GIRDLE” God bless you, doc. Love you

A: Amen and Amen to all your prayers and I love you right back! 😀

Now as to tummy reduction after Caesarian Section, I wish it were as simple as a girdle 😀 As I always say, there’s no quick fix to these issues. You will have to go the good nutrition and exercise route (as soon as your doctor gives you the okay). There are some post…

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I am Agba Joseph, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cross River University Of Technology (CRUTECH). I am unassuming and enthusiastic about Health science as it borders on Clinical Nutrition. It is my sole desire that proper Nutrition will be used as a key tool in addressing and preventing malnutrition and other Metabolic dysfunctions.

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