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Proper Nutrition is Health Care.


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Very odd, insignificant and rugged the word stands, without beauty, majesty and elegance.

Who knows if it was echoed at eden the Creator would have smiled back at them.

Maybe if it was whispered the earth wouldn’t have drank the blood of Able.

Probably Lucifer now with spiky hairs would have been enthroned in the heights, if and only if it was sung.

Certainly the ocean in the sky would have been blocked if they had trumpeted the word while Noah nibbled his way into the ark.

It is the perfect healing elixir from the temple of a broken spirit that seal the lips of hurts and melts the heart of God.

Sorry is hope.
Sorry is love.
Sorry is humility.
Sorry is greatness.
Sorry is meekness.
Sorry is simplicity.
Sorry is Love.
Sorry liberate’s.
Sorry forgive’s.
Sorry heal’s
Sorry revive’s
Sorry save’s.

Just say the word to your crisis and enjoy true peace of mind.

(Dedicated to my mum who taught me the true and deep value of #SORRY. I love u so much)

Jedy Agba. 09:53pm, Tue 26/08/2014

Stay Healthy!


Author: Agba Joseph

I am Agba Joseph, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cross River University Of Technology (CRUTECH). I am unassuming and enthusiastic about Health science as it borders on Clinical Nutrition. It is my sole desire that proper Nutrition will be used as a key tool in addressing and preventing malnutrition and other Metabolic dysfunctions.

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