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How can we improve waste management?

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In a glance what strikes the mind when we hear of climate change? Probably there is a variation in our climatic condition which has either been made better in comparison with the past or the climate has changed it behaviour negatively. The later is not far from the truth.

How did this come about, what where humans and other living things doing while our climatic condition went hay wild,?
Check this out. According to Mauna Loa Observatory, atmospheric Carbon dioxide (a major green house gas (GHG)) record, in November 2015 Carbon dioxide had values of 400.16 ppm (part per million) as compared to November 2014 values of 397.27 ppm.

Why the increase in the concentration of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and what’s its effect?
One of the major identified cause of these rise is human activities, which comes from combustion of carbon-based fuels, principally coal, oil, and natural gas, along with deforestation.
Let me go a littile technical. Most of the light energy from the sun is emitted in wavelengths shorter than 4,000 nanometers (.000004 meters).  The heat energy released from the earth, however, is released in wavelengths longer than 4,000 nanometers.  Carbon dioxide doesn’t absorb the energy from the sun, but it does absorb some of the heat energy released from the earth.  When a molecule of carbon dioxide absorbs heat energy, it goes into an excited unstable state.  It can become stable again by releasing the energy it absorbed.  Some of the released energy will go back to the earth and some will go out into space (Lansing State Journal, August 31, 1994).

So in effect, carbon dioxide lets the light energy in, but doesn’t let all of the heat energy out, similar to a greenhouse.
If this continues, some meteorologists expect that the average temperature of the earth will increase by about 2.5 degrees Celsius.  This doesn’t sound like much, but it could be enough to cause glaciers to melt, which would cause coastal flooding.

“Biogas” is a gas produced by anaerobic fermentation of different forms of organic matter and is composed mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in an anaerobic bio-digester.

The combustion of biogas also releases CO2. However, the main difference, when compared to fossil fuels, is that the carbon in biogas is up taken from the atmosphere, by photosynthetic activity of the plants. The carbon cycle of biogas is thus closed within a very short time.

Biogas production by anaerobic digestion reduces also emissions of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) (other examples of green house gases (GHG)) from storage and utilization of untreated animal manure as fertilizer. The GHG potential of methane is higher than of carbon dioxide by 23 fold and of nitrous oxide by 296 fold. When biogas displaces fossil fuels from energy production and transport, a reduction of emissions of CO2, CH4 and N2O will occur, contributing to mitigate global warming. Hence leaving our planet safe for generations to come.
So what are you waiting for, join this fight and #SaveTheEarth.

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Very odd, insignificant and rugged the word stands, without beauty, majesty and elegance.

Who knows if it was echoed at eden the Creator would have smiled back at them.

Maybe if it was whispered the earth wouldn’t have drank the blood of Able.

Probably Lucifer now with spiky hairs would have been enthroned in the heights, if and only if it was sung.

Certainly the ocean in the sky would have been blocked if they had trumpeted the word while Noah nibbled his way into the ark.

It is the perfect healing elixir from the temple of a broken spirit that seal the lips of hurts and melts the heart of God.

Sorry is hope.
Sorry is love.
Sorry is humility.
Sorry is greatness.
Sorry is meekness.
Sorry is simplicity.
Sorry is Love.
Sorry liberate’s.
Sorry forgive’s.
Sorry heal’s
Sorry revive’s
Sorry save’s.

Just say the word to your crisis and enjoy true peace of mind.

(Dedicated to my mum who taught me the true and deep value of #SORRY. I love u so much)

Jedy Agba. 09:53pm, Tue 26/08/2014

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The Unparalleled Success Of People Magazine – Trust & Ethical Reporting – It’s Not True Until People Says It – The Mr. Magazine™ Interview With Jess Cagle, Editorial Director, People Magazine.

Mr. Magazine

“Looking at the realities of the business now, I can’t imagine the print product going away in the next 10 years, because frankly too many people want it and it makes too much money. It’s such a gigantic part of our business and just based on consumer demand; I don’t think it’s going to go away.” Jess Cagle

07_27_15_NO_UPC Henry Luce may have said it best: “I suggest that what we want to do is not to leave to posterity a great institution, but to leave behind a great tradition of journalism ably practiced in our time.” A noble sentiment that can be observed when one considers that the number one moneymaking magazine today is in the Time Inc. family and definitely practices that great tradition of journalism that Luce was referring to.

People magazine reaches 75 million human beings at any given moment in time and according to its editorial…

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High blood pressure is when your blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater). It is a measure of how blood pushes against the walls of your arteries as it moves through your body. High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a major risk factor for heart diseases such as stroke and congestive heart failure. There are natural ways of controlling hypertension.

1. Exercise: Physical activity is crucial for controlling hypertension. Exercising about half an hour everyday can greatly reduce your blood pressure to safe levels. Talk to your doctor before developing an exercise plan to know if you need any exercise restrictions.
2. Lose weight :Weight loss reduces your insulin level and circulating leptin. This partially reduces sensitivity to these hormones and reduces activation of the sympathetic nervous system. It also decreases plasma renin level and aldosterone level. All of these factors improve condition for hypertensive patients.
3. Eat healthy: Change in diet can control your hypertension. It is essential to adopt the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet. This includes eating more whole grains foods, fruits and vegetables. Eating foods rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium is also part of this plan. The DASH eating plan also includes eating foods with less salt/sodium, sweets, added sugars etc.
4. Reduce Sodium intake: Reduction of sodium in your diet can also help with this medical condition. To help you cut back on salt intake, read foods labels to know their sodium percentages, use natural spices and herbs to flavor food instead of salt. Cutting down on processed foods such as potato chips and bacon can also help.
5. Limit alcohol consumption: Drinking alcohol in excess can elevate blood pressure and reduce the effectiveness of hypertension medications. It will also improve your health in so many ways.
6. Don’t smoke or avoid second-hand smoking: Nicotine found in tobacco products can increase the pressure level of your blood. Smoking or inhaling smoke from others puts you at risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.
7. Avoid stress: Stress can temporarily increase your hypertension. It is important to know your cause of stress and find healthy ways to deal with it.
8. Limit caffeine Intake: Drinking caffeinated beverages may increase the pressure at which the heart pumps blood. To know the effect of caffeine on you, check your blood pressure before and after drinking caffeine beverages.

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