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Very odd, insignificant and rugged the word stands, without beauty, majesty and elegance.

Who knows if it was echoed at eden the Creator would have smiled back at them.

Maybe if it was whispered the earth wouldn’t have drank the blood of Able.

Probably Lucifer now with spiky hairs would have been enthroned in the heights, if and only if it was sung.

Certainly the ocean in the sky would have been blocked if they had trumpeted the word while Noah nibbled his way into the ark.

It is the perfect healing elixir from the temple of a broken spirit that seal the lips of hurts and melts the heart of God.

Sorry is hope.
Sorry is love.
Sorry is humility.
Sorry is greatness.
Sorry is meekness.
Sorry is simplicity.
Sorry is Love.
Sorry liberate’s.
Sorry forgive’s.
Sorry heal’s
Sorry revive’s
Sorry save’s.

Just say the word to your crisis and enjoy true peace of mind.

(Dedicated to my mum who taught me the true and deep value of #SORRY. I love u so much)

Jedy Agba. 09:53pm, Tue 26/08/2014

Stay Healthy!


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The Mind’s Meal For Leaders

At the age of seven, a young boy and his family were forced out of their home.
The boy had to work to help support his family.
When he was nine, his mother passed away.
As a young man was keen to go to law school, but had no education.
At 22, he lost his job as a store clerk.
At 23, he ran for the state legislature and lost.
The same year, a business failure left him with a debt that took him 17 years to repay.
At 27, he had a nervous breakdown.
At 29, he lost an election to be speaker in his state legislature.
At 31, he was defeated in his attempt to become an elector.
By 35, he had been defeated twice while running for Congress.
At 39 he lost his re-election bid.
At 41, he lost his four-year-old son.
At 42, he was rejected as a prospective land officer.
At 45, he ran for the Senate and lost.
Two years later, he lost the vice presidential nomination.
At 49, he ran for Senate and lost again.
At 51, he was elected president of the United States of America.
The young boy who grew up to be president is Abraham Lincoln.

Life is a variable event for everyone and our leadership is not something we are born with, but is revealed in our everyday struggles and strain.
When struggle is present the art of our leadership strength will be evident everywhere:

In our priorities. Leaders who know their priorities lead with what is important to them. They give their emotional intensity and continuous focus with every resource to support what they want to obtain. How you spend your time shows you what is important to you.

In our persistence. Leaders who are persistent lead with everything they have. They don’t leave any stone unturned and they don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves but take responsibility for what they want and show determination till the very end. It is not what your life takes from you; it’s what you give to your life that counts.

In our passion. Passionate leaders apply all their efforts, all their best skills, and all their capabilities with everything they have. Goodness is good but passion is much greater.

In our patience. Patient leaders are not weak but emotionally strong. Good things may not come to those who wait, but great things come to those who have patience. Masterpieces take time. Patience is power and patience takes practice. There are many obstacles that come our way, and unless we have patience, we will react instead of responding. Patience is the attribute that helps us attain what we want and frees us from our knee-jerk reactions.

In our principles. Those who lead with principles know what is right and what is wrong. Every time we make a decision we are either moving toward our principles or away from them. Our principles are our values; they affect every direction of our life and leading.
Life has a way of throwing us into situations that test us, evaluate us, and assess us.
Leaders who do not waver in times of struggle, those are the leaders who are truly exceptional.
Lead From Within: The art of leadership is not without struggle, those that lead from a strong foundation are unshakable, they have endurance in the most grueling training that life has to offer.

By Lolly Daskal

Stay Healthy!

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In each step taken to know her, a false hope of chasing shadows is built, no ink of trust and confidence.

Proper Info and safety about her is now sown deep into the fabrics of the myth epigram “epidemiological Studies” then biding farewell to genuineness of intervention Studies.

Cholesterol, one big optical illusion not to be reckoned with, misinformation her, capable of unleashing terror on its patients making them grow a thick skin of confusion.

Her Natural source is sacrificed on the altar of manufactured and after all been said and done, the adieu chorus will be echoed out.

Agba Joseph
10:30pm, Mon 24/11/2014

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Just like a key he opens the door for the wise, many fall because of him but to some he is their rise.

Looking at him from the future in the past he looks darker than the night, no one matches his strength even the bravest knight.

Slamming the door at him is like biding farewell to knowledge, giving him a grand welcome feast will put you on a growing edge.

Deep in his treasure box are hidden powers,
take it and you’ll possess wisdom taller than the twin towers.

Then leaving you with his parting ping
Agba Joseph 07:12pm, Wed 27/08/2014

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